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At FCT, our professionalism is your best quality guarantee

A geographical dimension

FCT covers France’s national territory :
FCT Provence,
FCT Nice Côte d'Azur,
FCT Languedoc-Roussillon,
FCT Rhône Alpes,
FCT Ile-de-France.

An environmental approach

Respect for man and environment is our priority : energy consumption optimization, collection of the refrigeration fluids, oils treatment and control of the material thrown out in the athmosphere.
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FCT Middle East opened March 20
For a future that's all smiles - choose refrigeration
For a future that's all smiles - choose refrigeration

-Refrigeration Craftsman: a job thatís all smiles.
-Refrigeration Craftsman: one job, multiple activities.
-Snapshots from the lives of refrigeration Craftsman
-There is a wide range of different company types for the newly-qualified to choose amongst.
-Whichever type of company is chosen, the newly-qualified refrigeration engineer can opt for one of several different jobs.


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